The Voice Lab

Teacher Certification

Why get certified?

There is currently no provision for expert teacher certification or training in New Zealand. AtlasVoice and The Voice Lab nz have created TOSCA (Teachers of Singing Certification Award) certification so teachers and aspiring teachers have a place to go for training and information.

Who is certification for?

Not only private voice teachers, but choir directors, music teachers, HODs, Musical directors (MDs). acting coaches, Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs), and medical professionals dealing with the performer's voice.

Three levels

Currently the certification process has three 21 hour modules:

  1. Basic voice knowledge, anatomy, physics, history and application (including private voice work).
  2. Teacher observation and advanced diagnosis, problem solving, and lesson strategy.
  3. Student observation and diagnostic application of voice knowledge and genre specific problem solving.

Each level has its own logic and procedures and not all teachers are expected to pass all three levels. However, each level will certify that specific knowledge and skills have been mastered.

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